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+15 Woodworking Art Ideas

Since many centuries ago, art has been among humans, and so many great artists have set foot on earth and left remarks like Mona Lisa.

But we have a saying that goes, “art isn’t just painting and singing” we believe that anyone with a unique talent in what they do is a form of art; for example, an individual that snaps a shot of a stranger is making art because they are capturing the beauty of the moment.

Or, when a programmer finishes the project, it is considered an art form because the harmony and precision of the project are just deifying.

One of the professions that we have faith in is woodworking or carpenter; this means working with wood to make art.

This article will discuss some of the best woodworking art ideas for your home or office.

Please ensure you stay until the end of the statement to find out about the wood art ideas we will present.

+15 Woodworking Art Ideas

So without any further ado, let’s get started with the article, and in the end, hopefully, you will be able to make the ones you like.

What is considered art and wood art?

Art has many definitions in many cultures; however, all artists worldwide agree that the purpose of art comes from within, meaning that every individual has their description of this word.

We want to tell you about the definition of art that we know and accept:

“Loving what you do and creating something extraordinary and magnificent however small, even making another person happy is considered art or the modern world.”

We think that this is the best definition of art; if you pay close attention, you can see that even when you make someone laugh, you are creating a beautiful smile which is art in our eyes.

Now that you know what art is, we can go to the matter of wood and woodworking art.

Some say that wood art is just using a piece of wood to craft a sculpture or a large project.

However, this is incorrect, and we will tell you why.

+15 Woodworking Art Ideas

As we mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, art is something that makes you happy and gives you sentimental value, however small and simple.

Imagine if you like someone and you can make a cube with wood and nothing else, so you make the cube and then give it to them as a present if you like them.

They feel the same. You will feel the satisfaction that fills your should and body, and the smile they make is the art you have created.

So as you can see, the matter of art comes from the heart and not from the hands, yes, artists like painters and inventors are working with their hands, but the passion and inner artisan that is powering the hands are the love inside.

Now that you are thoroughly familiar with art and all of its definitions and you know what woodworking art is, let’s get to the next section and talk about specific ideas regarding woodworking projects which are considered art.

We shall move on.

+15 Woodworking Art Ideas

Top 15 woodworking art ideas (+ brief description)

Making wooden structures can be challenging; however, the end product is gorgeous.

Imagine that you are just moving into a new house with a workshop you wanted, so you want to start and make such decorative art ideas out of wood, so you get some essential wood pieces and intend to create.

However, if you are in a dry spell and you need ideas on what to make with wood to be considered art, we will be helping you to find the perfect project ever.

For each of the ideas that we will present, we shall give a short description to give you a better understanding:

1.   Slice up!!!

The first project we shall tell you to try is one of the simple ones, you only have to slice up the wood into thin circular pieces, and then you have to get a canvas and start gluing the pieces together.

2.   Reclaimed Cube

This project requires a wide canvas, and then you can easily make some wooden cubes and squares, and then, unlike the last one, you have to place them beside each other in a specific order to get decent work.

3.   Corners

Have you ever seen the corner of a photo frame? Yes, you have to make several of those, make the desired pattern on the canvas, and then ensure that your glue isn’t showing because it will make your job sloppy.

+15 Woodworking Art Ideas

4.   Random Stuff, Go!!!

This one is pretty much a wild idea, but you can look around and find random objects in your workshop and then connect them to the right wooden piece to make the ultimate art piece representing your whole shop and profession.

5.   Mixology

Mixing two different substances is the way to make something unique; imagine combining clay with wood and creating something that no one has seen in their life.

So keep mixology in mind.

6.   Hand-cut

This idea is based on some tools; you have to cut a different piece of wood to make a shape with them; for example, you can cut rose pedals on the wood and then glue them together to get a rose flower made out of wood.

7.   Reclaimed straight woods

We all have simple flat and long wood pieces, but did you know that you can glue them beside each other and then make an art piece? If not, make sure to try this idea.

8.   Perspective

One of the things that makes a wooden project stand out is its perspective, but you can always change the view of the objects on a flat surface. You can cut corners like the last one and then use them to create squares that go smaller to make a perspective effect.

9.   Colorful

This one is just like the others with a slight twist, imagine that you create any of the art projects above, and now you are looking for a way to make them look better; the only thing you have to do is paint them, especially that it pops.

10.  Special patterns

If you remember, we said you could cut wood; now imagine that you can cut the piece of wood in the same size, and in the end, you have a canvas to glue them however you want so you can make your patterns very quickly.

+15 Woodworking Art Ideas

11.   Mountain

Using flat wooden pieces used to make floors, you can easily make mountains on the canvas, and after you are done, you can paint the sky o make it more realistic and beautiful.

12.   Cylinder

As the name suggests, you can use cylinder parts of the wood to make a sculpture in the caves, and then you can hang it on the wall.

13.   Portrait

This one requires precision of delicacy because creating a portrait of a human piece of wood is challenging; however, after you finish the project, you will have one of the most beautiful art pieces possible on the planet.

14.   Landscape

Imagine the exact parts that you used to make a mountain. This is that but with the addition of sky using wood, meaning you have to make sky out of the wooden pieces as well, and in the end, you will have a decent wooden landscape for your living room.

15.   Distortion

Chaos is one of the things we love when it comes to art, and the last idea that we wanted to talk to you about is that you can create chaos on the canvas, and it will be delightful.

Now before e getting to the end of the article, we shall take a look at the graph to find out more about wooden art ideas:

Project level Budget Time
Entry level Less than $30 Less than 4hr
Medium level $30 – $90 4hr – 24hr
Expert level $90 – $1000 24hr – 1 week

In the end…

Using wood as the base material for making art can be a decent and suitable choice; however, there are specific projects that you can create using wood, which is simple, and some of them are hard; in this article, we talked about some of the best woodworking art ideas.

And in the list that we presented to you can find both entry-level projects and expert ones at the same time.

The only thing left is that you have to make art because your heart desires it and nothing more.

In the end, we are delighted that you stayed with us until the end of the “+15 woodworking art ideas” article, and we hope that using the information we provided, you can make art in the best way.


Please tell us which project you like the most.

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