5 Best Handsaws for Cutting Wood

Currently, when you want to conduct a project using wood, you have to use many machines and tools to get your job done, and, in the meantime, some items get used barely these days thanks to technology.

As the industry advances, tools that used to be operated by hand turn into machines powered by electricity.

This means that there is no need to force cut or nail the wood at any time because there are devices that would do the same much easier.CTA

Keep in mind that some tools are still used by hand, and because they are essential, they still get used, it is correct that they have their powered version, but the hand model of these tools still gets used.

One of these tools is the good old hand saw which is the first step in becoming a carpenter.

In this article, we will be talking about the hand saw types, and in the end, we will be executing a comparison to find the best kind of hand saw.

5 Best Handsaw for Cutting Wood

So, if you are ready to learn a tad more about hand saws, let’s get started with the statement.

What is a hand saw?

As you might know, carpentry tools would help you to cut the pieces of wood much easier, and even on some special occasions, you can indeed cut the tree down to acquire the wood you need.

All of these actions are conducted using a hand saw, but you have to keep in mind that there are some sides to using a hand saw:

  1. First, when using a hand saw, you have to use muscle force, meaning that there is no leverage to help you, and you have to force your way into the wood.
    Besides, some hand saws have different handles, and you have to get one that is suited for your hand, and you can use it more straightforwardly.
  2. The second factor is variant types of hand saws; as you might have seen before, there are lots of hand saws on the market, and all of them are different from each other.
    This is because most of them have additional uses, and you should purchase the hand saw based on the service that you require of it.

As you can there are some obstacles and exciting sides to every hand saw; in the next section of the article, we will be talking about the fact that you have to choose the best hand caught in the market, and worry not because we will be helping you.

5 Best Handsaw for Cutting Wood

So let’s get to the top 5 best hand saws on the market and see who wins this competition, shall we?

Hand saws on the market (+TOP 5 TYPES)

In this section of the article, we will be telling you about some of the best hand saws that you can get, keep in mind that we have gathered the best quality tools at the best price.

Therefore, by reading this section, you will know what to get when you go to a tool shop. So, if you are ready to dive into the best five hand saws, keep reading:

1.    Universal hand saw

The most used and seen saw in any workshop is the universal hand saw; in other words, the average hand saw that you see on TV and in every other shop is a versatile saw.

And you can always use these saws to conduct the most straightforward jobs when it comes to cutting the wood pieces.

Remember that this hand saw doesn’t have precision, meaning if you want to make details, this isn’t for you.

5 Best Handsaw for Cutting Wood

  • Stanley Fat Max Hand Saw 20-045

2.    The Tenon Saw

Unlike the usual hand saw that we talked about, a Tenon saw has a flat and rectangle-shaped body with a much more comfortable grip.

This saw is much more expensive than the universal one because it is considered an exclusive saw regarding its usage, which is cut with high precision.

  • Irwin 10-inch/250mm Hardpoint Tenon Saw

3.    The Japanese saw

Unlike the others that had only one side, the Japanese saw has two sides that you can see; it looks like one of the old cold war weapons from japan.

Although this saw is highly efficient, its grip is the opposite of comfortable.

This saw is highly flexible, which its unique quality.

  • SUZAN Japanese Pull Saw

4.    The Jab Saw

This one is the most unique among all the saws we have on the list; holding this saw is like carrying a knife; it is comfortable and, at the same time, very easy.

5 Best Handsaw for Cutting Wood

This saw has smaller teeth, and it is used to cut projects that need great detail and precision; if you are a wood artist, this is the saw for you.

  • STANLEY 6-Inch Jab Saw Wood Handle

5.    The Coping Saw

This is the definition of detail in carpentry; we mean that sometimes you will have special needs and shapes that you have to cut from the wood, but it is impossible with standard saws.

This tool is the hand version of a table saw.

  • The Irwin Tools Coping Saw

These were some of the best hand saws on the market and now let’s get to the graph of comparison, and then we will declare the winner at the end of the article:

Universal Saw Tenon Saw
Practical and cheap Practical and averagely priced
It is not suitable for detailed work Proper for detailed work
It has a decent grip Also, a good grip

Now let’s get to the end of the article and see among all of these hand saws which one is the actual best of them all.

In conclusion…

Some of the tools in carpentry are powered by electricity, but at the same time, we have lots of tools that you cannot operate with power, and you have to use the force of your hand, and some of these tools are very much popular.

In this article, we talked about the hand saws in carpentry, and then we have cited 5 of the best hand saws in the market along with the best model available.

But judging by the comparison and the article that we have been through, we have to say that there is no perfect saw unless you know what you are doing; this means that most of the saws that we have mentioned are exclusive, and you have to choose them based on your needs.

This means that this competition has no winner and all of the saws that we have listed for you are the best ones that we could find for you.

In the end, we are delighted you stayed and observed the “5 Best handsaws for cutting wood” article with us.


If you have anything to add to the article or any feedback that you would like to share with us, use the comment section below or the information on the contact page of this website. Please tell us what hand saws you use.

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