Aldi Chisel (Full Review)

Having a profession as a carpenter is exceptionally significant.

Being a carpenter means that you can create art and masterpieces using nothing but wood; however, working with wood isn’t that much of a simple job.

You are a new apprentice in the art of woodworking, and you will need a particular set of tools and types of equipment.

But there is a problem: some woodworking devices are expensive, so what should you do?

We will tell you.

One of the essential tools you will need in your woodworking path is chisels, but as we said, there are a lot of tools out there that cost a fortune.

But in this article, we will be introducing a set of chisels that cost significantly less, and you can quickly start working with these tools; we mean that they are as practical as the other chisels: The Aldi Chisels.

But why are they cheaper? Read this article to find out.


What is a chisel?

As we once said, carpentry is 70% skills and experience and 30% tools.

In other words, being a carpenter requires the right set of tools and equipment alongside the skill and talent.

There is a unique tool that you can find in almost every carpenter’s woodshop, and this tool has by far the most use in the woodworking industry.

This tool is Chisels, and these gadgets come in several shapes and sizes.

Every single one of the chisels that you will see has a particular purpose and use. Chisels consist of the handle, usually made from wood or metal, and the blade.

The blades on the chisels are meant to be put on the surface of the wood, and with slight pressure, they should carve the wood.

The primary use of chisels is carving and shaping small parts of the wood; although some carpenters use chisels to make joints, it would not be that practical.

Chisels have many kinds, but overall they all have the same user manual; you hit the handle with the palm of your hand or by using a hammer or mallet, and it runs through the wood.

At this point, there is a problem that we have to address.

Chisel kits are expensive, but a company called Aldi makes entry-level chisels for a meager price.

These kits are perfect for those who have just started learning the art of carpentry and wood shaping.

Now that you know what a chisel is and what it does, let’s get to the next section and introduce the Aldi brand.


What are Aldi Chisel Kits?

Aldi Co is a brand that retails and sells all kinds of products such as groceries, intelligent gadgets, and pieces of equipment.

This company sells some chisel kits that they say are for beginners just starting carpentry.

We asked some of the users using the Chisel kits from the Aldi, and they all confirmed that these kits are excellent.

The kits that this company sells are four pieces, meaning they include four different kinds of chisels, the only problem with this brand the equipment is that all of the chisels are flat chisels; in other words, they are not artistically curved chisels.

However, the Aldi sells another kit for artistic chisels curved in the blade section.

Here is our personal opinion on the Aldi Chisel Kit.

If you are starting to learn to use chisels, you have to get an entry-level kit; at the beginning of the work, you might damage the tools, and if you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a chisel kit, you will regret it.

But if you use an entry-level kit, it doesn’t matter if your tools get damaged. They are easy to replace.

The low price of the Aldi chisel kits makes so many users skeptical about the quality of this product.

So let’s compare an expensive chisel kit and the Aldi chisel kit with the same amount of chisels in each kit:

Expensive chisel kit vs. Aldi chisel kit

Expensive chisel kit Aldi chisel kit
Four pieces (flat blade) Four pieces (flat blade)
Stainless steel Stainless steel
Wooden grip Wooden grip
Price: $1,200 Price: $100

As you can see from the chart, there is absolutely no difference between these two kits; however, the expensive one looks expensive with the decorations and designs.

  • The expensive kit is more like a collectible rather than a piece of valuable equipment.
  • The cheap Aldi one is practical and durable in every use.

By this point of the article, you know what a wood Aldi chisel is and the basics of using a chisel. In the following section, we will be giving you tips on maintaining your chisels, and then we will conclude the article.


How to maintain your chisels?

Some fine points and tips on keeping your chisels in shape and healthy.

Let’s list some of the tasks you have to do to maintain your chisels in the best shape:

  • Make sure that your chisels are sharp at all times.
  • Do not Keep the chisels from constant humidity.
  • Avoid using a metal hammer for tapping the chisel.
  • Do not use your wood chisels on anything other than wood.
  • Keep in mind that every chisel has its use; avoid using the wrong chisel on the bad part of the wood.
  • Avoid pressuring the blades on the chisel beyond its limits.

These tasks apply to all chisel types, regardless of brand or the, size and shape.

Ensure that if you get an Aldi wood chisel kit, you maintain them properly, as we described in this article.

Now let’s conclude the essay and see: Is it a good idea to get an Aldi wood chisel kit?



In this article, we learned that there are different types of chisels, and every single one of them has its unique use.

When we talked about what a chisel was and the two types of chisel, the next part was the Aldi brand which produces cheap but efficient wood chisel kits.

We compared the Aldi chisel kit to a piece of expensive equipment, and the results were shocking.

We recommend getting the Basic Aldi wood chisel kit for many reasons in this article.

We appreciate you staying with us until the end of this article.

Full-review-of-Aldi-ChiselIf you have ever used any kinds of chisels or you have any questions regarding the “Full review of Aldi Chisel” article, contact us via the comment section below; we would love to hear your thoughts on this article.

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