Best band-saw blades for wood (+ 4 FAMOUS TYPES)

Being a professional carpenter requires time, skill, experience, and tools.

When creating a wooden masterpiece, we need a particular set of devices to do the jobs that we cannot do with our bare hands.

As you know, saws are one of the most popular woodworking equipment families; however, did you know that there are more than ten kinds of saws and besides those, there are electrical saws that you can use in your shop?

Today, we will discuss a specific tool that will make the cutting process much easier for you:

  • The Band-saw for wood. wood saw

In this article, we will be discussing the band-saw and the blades that are the most suitable for these types of saws.

So let’s get started with the article, and in the end, we will see what the best band-saw blades for wood are.


What is a band-saw?

A band-saw is a member of the saw family, such as the “Dovetail saw”. therefore, the primary purpose is to cut wood.

However, the band-saw is different from the other saw models.

This particular tool works with the power of electricity. In other words, the only pressure that you have to apply to cut a piece of wood with this tool is when you are pushing the wood through the blade.

A band saw is an on-table tool that uses a flexible tape blade to cut through the wood pieces.

This gadget consists of three sections overall:

  • The blade holder
  • The tabletop
  • The blade

The blade holder is responsible for holding on to the blade tightly and keeping it in one place so it doesn’t bend.

The tabletop is when the blade runs through, and it is the spot to put the wood piece that you are trying to cut away.

The blade we said has many kinds, they are all flexible, but most of them are made from stainless steel.

And also, the blades that we will be using for the band saws don’t have regular teeth; they are usually facing left and right.

This was the whole anatomy of a band-saw for wood; now, let’s get to the next section and see what different band-saw blades are and the best options for you.


Band-saw blades for wood (+4 best blades)

As we mentioned in the last passage, there are several types of blades for a band-saw that you can use.

Remember that these blades all have different uses but do not worry; we will tell you all about them.

Now first, let’s list the blades and then explain them individually:

band saw blade Standard

band saw blade Skip

band saw blade Variable

band saw blade Hook

These are the blades that every carpenter owns because all of them are useful when it comes to a band-saw.

So let’s elaborate on these band-saw wood blades.

  • Standard

A standard band-saw blade has a regular pattern among its teeth; in other words, the length between each tooth is the same as the next one.

This blade is mainly used to cut curved edges and tight curves on a flat piece of wood.

Keep in mind that this blade is better for curves bigger than a 5/8″ radius.

  • Skip

Quite the opposite of the standard blade, a Skip blade does have a specific pattern, and teeth are way further in length than each other.

This blade can cut through re-sawed wood and greenwood and curves bigger than a 5/8″ radius.

This blade is essential when you put the quality of your project over the seep of the process.

  • Variable

Unlike the two last blades, the variable blade does not have a specific pattern for the coordination of the teeth.

The tooth on variable blade are uneven in length and sometimes in size.

This blade is an excellent option if you are working on a thick piece of wood that is hard to saw.

  • Hook

A factor that differentiates the Hook blade from the rest of the blades is the tooth’s shape on the blade.

Hook blades have hook-shaped teeth.

If you are crosscutting or general ripping the wood on your hands, this blade would be the best option for you to use on your band-saw.

These were the best blades for a band-saw that most carpenters use on their work.

However, if you have the budget to afford only one of these blades, we suggest getting the standard blade because it can be used to cut almost all of the wood pieces we mentioned.

BAND-SAW Keep in mind that there are certain conditions in that every blade has a specific use, so before getting the blade, you have to consider the work you will do with that particular blade.

Now that you know several blades that you can install on your band-saw, Let’s make a comparison between two types of band-saws.


Band-saw Comparison

In this section, we will be comparing a band-saw to itself, meaning that there are two sizes of band-saws, and they have a different use, so let’s get to the chart and see what we mean:

Band-saw (small) Band-saw (big)
Used for delicate projects For massive projects like a table or a door
It takes less space in the shop It takes much more space in the shop
affordable Expensive compared to the small band-saw
Smaller blades Bigger blades

As you can see from the chart, we have a small and a big band-saw.

While the small one is used for smaller projects like decorative components, the big one handles much bigger work such as building a cabinet or a wooden window frame.

It is evident that the smaller band-saw has smaller blades, and the same goes for the bigger one.

Besides the use, the smaller band-saw usually takes up less space in your woodworking shop. Therefore, it can be practical, but if you are working in an industrial size, you have to use a big band-saw to fulfill its job.

At this point, you have all of the information needed to buy and use a band-saw blade,

And at this point of the article, we will be ending the statement, and we will go on and see what the best blades for a wood band-saw are.


Gathered in the end

This article talked about some of the blades for a wood band-saw and listed how you can use this device.

Almost every carpenter we encounter has one of these tools in their woodshop because a band-saw is one of the most critical tools that a carpenter uses in specific projects.

There is no answer to the “which band-saw blade is the best?” because every blade has its uses and functionalities.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this fantastic article.

band saw bladeIf you have any additional questions or opinions on the “Best band-saw blades for wood” article, please contact us via the comment section below.

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