Best Block Plane For Woodworking

In our article, we always talk about the specialty tools that have unique places in the world of the carpenter industry.

In some previous articles, we talked about plane the wood surface; this action can be done using several tools in the industry, like a bench plane, sandpaper, and so many more powerful tools.

However, in this article, we will be talking about a small tool that is low in price and one of the most practical and rational tools that a carpenter could have.

The Block Plane for woodworking.

If you remember, in a previous article, we talked about the plane of the end grains of a wood piece. However, this article is a tad different than that.

In that specific article, we talked about Bench planes. However, today’s tool is different from what we used then.

So if you are looking for a small tool to help you smooth out the surface of the wood you are working on, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be introducing 5 of the best Block Planes for woodworking, so keep reading this article to find out what plane you should buy?


What is a Block Plane?

As we said, there are several tools that you can use to smooth the surface of your wood project; one of these tools is a Block Plane.

Now let’s see what a block plane is?

You probably know what a bench plane is; it is a tool you have to use the force of your hand to do work for the wood surface.

The Block plane is the little brother of the bench plane.

It is significantly small in size and very much easier to use. Therefore the Block plane is one of the Must-Have tools of carpentry.

Although this tool is a hand tool and requires the force of hand, for its small size and blade configuration, you can use this device with the minimum amount of pressure, and it smooths out the surface of the wood you are working on.

Further, the article will compare the Block Plane and the Bench Plane to understand these two better.

However, first of all, we promised that you would know about the best types of Block Planes.

So let’s get to the next section of the article and see the best Block Planes for woodworking are?


What are the best Block Planes on the market? (+5 best Block Planes)

In this section of the article, we will list some of the best block Plane tools on the market; we hope that reading this list and some of the specifications will enlighten your decision.

So without any further ado, let’s get to the list, shall we?

#1: Stanley 12-220

This first plane on the list is the Stanley 12-220, this plane is compact like all of the other Block planes, and it is so tiny that you can fit it in your belt toolbox.

This tool is best for woodworking; however, in some special cases, you can also use this tool on epoxy.

Price: $31 – $35

#2: Stanley 12-960

The second item on the list is slightly different from the last one. They are both from the same brand, but the 12-960 model is on a 21 degrees blade and can be adjusted to lower states.

Overall this one is a great option as well.

Price: $42 – $43

#3: Kakuri 41931

The handle on this model is designed for one-handed use, and the design mechanism makes it easy to push and pull on the surface of the wood.

It weighs a minimum, so it is easy to carry and use.

Price: $26

#4: Bench Dog Tools No.60

This model is much more expensive than the other items on the list; however, if you are looking for a high-quality block plane with all metal parts, this would be the best option for your work.

It lasts more than the other planes.

Price: $115

#5: Stanley 5-21-399

The design of this item is significantly different from the rest; the metal texture and gripping method are much more manageable in these models.

This plane is the best option if you are an entry-level carpenter or don’t want to spend on something expensive.

Price: $12

These were some of the best block planes on the market that you can purchase.

As you saw, some models are much more expensive than the others; however, these models are more suited to carpenters working with a block plane who want to upgrade to something more permanent.

Before ending the article, we will compare the block plane with the bench plane to see which is better or the differences between them.

Block plane vs. Bench plane


As you know, the bench plane is from the plane family; however, it is much different than the Block planes. Let’s see how?

Block Plane Bench Plane
Much smaller More significant than the Block plane
It can be used one-handed Requires two-hand force
Suitable for small surfaces Suitable for bigger surfaces

As you can observe from the chart, there are some critical differences between these two.

For starters, you can use the Block Plane on large surfaces; however, it will take a long time to finish.

So the article would conclude that these two have different uses, so you have to get one based on your projects.

By this point of the article, you have the required knowledge to proceed to the conclusion, so let’s get started.


Briefly to conclude

In this article, we talked about a unique tool used to smooth out the wood surface in your wood shop.

These tools were the Block Planes.

We talked about the characteristics of the Block plane and what are the best ones in the carpentry market.

So if you are ready, we will be ending this article, and we hope that the information we provided will help you make the right decision.

In the end, we are happy that you came with us until the end of the “Best block plane for woodworking” article, and we would love to hear your experiences with this fantastic tool.

Keep in touch with us.

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