Best Squares for woodworking: (TYPES & STEPS)

Let’s start this article with an example:

Imagine that you are a wood hobbyist, and you build items and furniture for your own house just for the fun of it.

One day, you think about making a new doorframe for your home, so you go outside, find a forest, and cut down a good tree for your project.

You carry it back to your shop, and you start sawing it till it’s in the suitable shapes.

Now you have to assemble the frame; however, you have to place the pieces at a precisely 90 degrees angle. But how can you do that?

This article will discuss a method that will help your replacement; in other words, your projects will be flawless as a carpenter if you have this tool in your toolbox: The woodworking Square.

Although the name is pretty self-explanatory, we will be describing this tool in its every form to you, and we will list some of the best woodworking squares in the market.

So, without any more waiting, let’s get started.


What is a woodworking Square?

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction of this article, a Square is a small and sometimes powerful tool that will help you assemble your pieces of wood at the right angle that you want.

Usually, the angle that these Squares are used for is 90 degrees, as the name suggests; however, some types of Squares have tilted angles.

There are four types of woodworking Squares in total:

  1. Framing Square
  2. Try Square
  3. Speed Square
  4. Combination Square

Each of these Squares is used for a particular purpose. However, we will be focusing on the two of the most used ones in the market, and at the end of this article, we will compare these two: the Framing and Try Square.

In the next section of the article, we will be listing some of the best woodworking Squares in the market, so keep reading.


Best woodworking Squares on the market (+5 best Squares)

In this section of the article, we will introduce some of the best squares in the market.

We considered every aspect in selecting these items; whether it’s the best quality or price, you will be getting it all.

So let’s get to the list:

  1. Woodpeckers Precision 1281R (The best one in the market)
  2. iGaging Double Square Set (Runner Up)
  3. IRWIN Tools Tri and Mitre Square (Financially suitable).
  4. Irwin Tools Combination Square.
  5. Starrett K53-14-N.

These are the best Squares that you can find in the market.

Keep in mind that all of these tools that we listed above are to measure the 90-degree angles, and these Squares come in different sizes, which will be helpful in certain conditions.

All of these Squares are decent in quality. However, the first one on the list is the Woodpeckers Precision 1281R; while being expensive, ids are very valuable in many ways.

First off, it is made from reinforced stainless steel, and this Square sits perfectly with the lips of the board or the wood.

However, the price range for these specific tools starts at $170, while some of the items on the list cost only $10.

You have the required information to get one of these Squares to complete your toolbox.

However, let’s get to the comparison between the two Squares that we promised.Best-Squares-for-woodworking

Comparison: Try Square vs. Framing Square

In this section, we will be discussing two types of Squares, Try Square and Framing Square.

Let’s see what differences are between these two, shall we?

Try Square Framing Square
It doesn’t need an adjustable ruler of any kind Perfect if you need a flexible ruler
Exactly 90 degrees Variable in angle
More accurate than other Squares Decent accuracy

As you can understand from the chart, the Try Square is more suitable for situations that require 100% precision and exact angle.

The Framing Square is mainly used for projects that might have different angles and shapes, so it would be perfect if your projects are versatile.

Now that you know the key differences between these two Squares let’s get into the next section, which would be the instructions on using the woodworking Square.

Best Squares for woodworking copy


How to use the woodworking Square? (+ Three Simple Steps)

This part of the article isn’t much hard.

You are crafting a photo frame, and you have to place them at the exact 90-degree angle.

So let’s get to the tutorial:

Best Squares for woodworking First

  • You have to cut and organize the pieces of wood that you will be assembling to create the final product that you want.

Best Squares for woodworking Second

  • Take your woodworking Square and make sure that if it is variable in angles, put it on the 90 degrees, then using the Square, make sure that your pieces are placed by each other at a precisely 90 degrees angle.

Best Squares for woodworking Third

  • Assemble the pieces but do not remove the Square just yet. Make sure that your assembling process is complete, then you can remove the Square, and now you have a photo frame with the same angles in every corner.

By this point of the article, you know what a woodworking square is and how you can use it to craft the wood projects that you want.

Now let’s get to the conclusion and see the bottom line of all of this information.


Gathering up

In this article, we talked about some of the best woodworking Squares in the market and which one would be the perfect addition to your toolbox.

And then, we talked about the exact instructions on using a Square tool in your projects.

We can say that carpentry is a big world and industry, and we always introduce the best tools in the market; however, you have to observe your projects and see what your unique needs in a device are.

Then you can easily use these articles and get the answer to your question.

Remember that every tool we introduce in our articles has particular uses.

We are happy that you stayed with us up until the end of this article.

Ridgid TS3650 Our team hopes that you get all of the answers to the questions in your mind; however, if you have any additional questions about the “Best Squares for woodworking” article that you want to ask, you can contact us using the contact page or the comment section below.

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