Best Wood Chisel Honing Guide ( 4 PRACTICAL TYPES)

When working in the wood industry, one of the most critical factors about working in this field is the tools and their proper usage.

Most of the tools that carpenters use are typically for some cutting process; therefore, they have to be as sharp as possible to do the job they are created for.

One of the tools used the most in the wood industry is a chisel that needs sharpening from time to time.

As you know, one of the ways of sharpening blades in woodworking is honing the blade.

Some carpenters use their hands to hold the chisel or any other blades that need sharpening and then start the honing process, but this act is highly wrong.

This article will talk about the best wood chisel honing guides that will help you sharpen your blade in the best possible way.

Get your pen and paper, and let’s get started.


Why should you sharpen your chisel?

As you know, chisels, like any other tools with a blade, need sharpening from time to time.

There are dangers if you don’t consider sharpening your chisel at the right time.

But here is why you should sharpen your chisel:

  • So it cuts the wood better.
  • So it doesn’t become unusable.
  • So you don’t get harmed in the process of using the chisel.
  • So it is on-demand for you to use at anytime.

Here are some of the reasons you have to keep your chisel sharp.

But have you ever thought about how a carpenter would sharpen their chisel? Let’s talk about the process of sharpening and how it will happen.

You have to remember that honing and sharpening is not the same thing.

Sharpening vs. Honing

Honing Sharpening
For tools that are already sharp Used to recover the dull tools
Sharpens one or two side Sharpens one or two sides
It prevents the device from getting dull

As you can see from the chart above, there is a considerable similarity between these two: both of these acts sharpen a tool.

But as you see, a sharpening act is when the tool you are using is dull, and you want to restore it, so you rub it against a sharpening stone.

But on the other hand, honing is when you are just sharpening the tool to maintain it, and your instrument is not necessarily dull. Some people like to do the honing action after every time that they use their device.

And honing is usually done with steel, but on the other hand, sharpening is done with a sharpening stone.

So, by this point of the article, you know everything that there is about sharpening you or honing your chisels, but if you recall, we said that sharpening or even honing with your hand is wrong.

Let’s get to the next section and see why we think that wood chisel honing with bare hands is wrong.


What is a wood chisel honing guide? (+4 best chisel honing guides)

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that using your bare hands when sharpening or honing chisels is wrong, here is why.

When honing a wood chisel, if you don’t have any equipment, you have to apply the pressure by your hand; however, this increases the chance of your chisels curving out of shape in the edges, and therefore it will be useless.

But there is a solution to this issue.

There is a gadget called a wood chisel honing guide.

This tool is responsible for keeping the blade and its edges in one place, and it works as leverage when applying pressure.

Therefore, in the end, you will have a sharpened tool that is not deformed and in perfect condition for you to use.

Almost every carpenter has a guide tool in their workshop because it is a tool that is used very frequently.

In addition to this information, there is an alternative use for wood chisel honing guides; sometimes, a chisel isn’t big enough for specific surfaces, so carpenters use a more prominent and flatter blade that you cannot sharpen by hand.

There is a second gripper on the guide, which has the job of holding on to the more giant blades.

Now let’s list some of the best wood chisel honing guides:

  1. Alisam Sharpening Sled
  2. Richard Kell
  3. Eclipse-Style
  4. Stanley

These guides are the best in the market.

They all have the same use, but the only difference is the griping method and the shape that they come in.

Now that you know why it is wrong to use your bare hand honing a chisel, it’s time for you to acquire these guides for your shop.

You have to consider your needs and project type.

Now that you are fully aware of what a wood chisel honing guide is and how you can use it to sharpen your chisels, let’s get to the end of the article and see why it is essential for you to have one of these tools in your shop.



By the end of this article, you know what a wood chisel guide is, and you know that using a dull tool in your working environment is extremely dangerous.

We listed some of the reasons you have to keep your tools sharp at all times, and regarding a chisel (complete article on chisels and their utilization), using a guide to sharpen the device is essential.

You learned that you might bend it out of shape if you don’t use a guide in honing a chisel.

We sincerely hope that this article will enlighten you to use the right tools in your woodworking shop, and by using the information you gained from this article, you will do the best job in honing or sharpening your wood chisels.

If you have experience working with a wood chisel honing guide, we would love to hear your thoughts regarding the “best wood chisel honing guide,” if you have any other questions about this article, you can contact us via the comment section beneath this article

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