Cedar & All That We Need to Know About It

When we talk about cedarwood, it means a unique wood that is classified and well known as softwood.

Cedarwood comes from cedar trees mainly found in the high altitudes in the Himalayas and the Mediterranean.

To everyone’s astonishment, cedar is predominantly employed in creating ultra-modern chests and even closets in which we store our woolen garments.

Though you will be able to find the cedar even in regions such as North America, the quality of cedar is so good.


Cedar wood very resistant to warping and hence is even used in paneling, especially in house room.

There are a lot of great things to know about cedar. We will even read about why cedar is suitable for carving and some facts in this content.

So bear with us and read till the end.

Is Cedar Good for Carving?

Well, if you are interested in the process of wood carving, then cedar can interest you as well.

We can certainly carve all types of woods today, but despite this fact, we still ask questions regarding cedar being suitable for craving or not.

Cedar has a texture that is both soft as well as brittle. On the other hand, this wood is also very cheap but at the same time very durable in nature.

You will enjoy carving on cedar if you are a novice individual.

Do not be surprised if you see cedarwood in different shades. This magnificent wood has varied fantastic colors that allow you to take advantage of its colors and add more character and life by carving it. So we can say that cedar is suitable for cutting as well.

What Are the Tips You Need for Cedar Carving?

Since you are interested in carving on cedarwood, you should keep a few things in your mind before starting the process.

  • Do not forget that cedar is a softwood; hence it has a limit and degree of brittleness.
  • Cedar is very prone to tearing and even cracking while carving. So be careful.
  • Do not go for complicated designs initially. Start simple.
  • Use hardwood like mahogany if you desire to carve minute details in your designs.
  • Use sharp tools for carving on cedar.
  • It would be best if you had special carving techniques for carving on cedar, so make sure you practice well before starting your actual task on the cedarwood.


What All You Can Carve from Cedar Wood?

Since cedarwood is suitable for wood carving, you can carve the following things if you have the proper knowledge and techniques.

  • Candle Holders with The Wood Carving

Cedarwood can be extensively used for getting a candle holder. It can be considered a great product from wood carving with cedarwood that adds a lot of rustic touches wherever you are. Sounds impressive.

  • Trim Along with Molding

Once you get hold of carved cedarwood, you will create many great things. One of them can be mass production of trim and molding. So take advantage of the cheap cost of cedar and make as much as you can.

  • Wooden Jewelry

Women never say no to jewelry pieces and now imagine their craze if it is a piece of wooden jewelry made from cedarwood. They always offer a very rustic alternative to the jewelry. Remember that cedar items always occupy a unique role in this case.

  • Knife Handles

Many individuals desire to be unique and have a special pride in holding a knife that has a handle carved from cedarwood. The carved cedar handle looks attractive and, at the same time, gives a unique feeling once you hold it.


What Are the Different Types of Cedar Woods?

Cedarwood has a lot of types that make it even easier for you to choose and carve your desired designs on.

Three different main types of cedar woods are stated below. Keep in mind that there are more than three types, but these three are worth mentioning among them.

  • Yellow Cedar Wood

It is considered one of the favorite types of cedarwood so far. The yellow cedar is very aromatic as you carve through and smells terrific.

Yellow cedar provides an unforgettable experience for you while you cut on it.

It should be noted that the yellow cedar is very smooth, and you can carve it easily. The wood is fantastic for projects such as faces and objects that are round in their shape.

  • Red Cedar

Another excellent type that is suitable for wood carving is red cedar.

The red cedar is pretty different, and it does not have much in common with the eastern cedar apart from its red color.

  • White Cedar

Last but not least is the white cedar. It is considered the base wood of the cedar and has unique specialties that make it even more special.

Anytime yellow cedar is the best, but if you can get your hands on the yellow cedarwood, the white cedar is the second-best option for you.

If you desire to challenge yourself and your abilities, carving something attractive and new on cedar wood will be the biggest challenge.



Now that you know a lot about cedarwood and its suitability for the process of carving, do not hesitate and carve your next masterpiece on cedarwood.

It is not one of the favorite woods true, but it is ideal for the carving process, and this is a fact.

The content above and the carving have described different aspects of the cedarwood. Get motivated and create your next artwork with the help of cedarwood, and you will never get tired of it anymore.

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