Complete Review: Grizzly Track Saw

Precision and focus make the final result much better in most work fields, proven right in carpentry.

Meaning that almost all of the projects that are made of wood have to have certain features to be perfect.

Whether it is measurements or the cuts you make throughout the wood piece, you have to pay attention to the work you are conducting, so in the end, you will surely be satisfied with the work you have done.

One of the biggest obstacles in the woodworking industry is that you have to be delicate with some of the pieces because in the wood measurements, if your structure has a flaw in the parts or even the assembly process, there is a risk that it will fall out.

Cutting a straight line with a Grizzly track saw.

This is the main topic of our talk in this article.

We will learn about this device and how it will help you craft better projects.

So if you are ready, let’s get into the statement and learn about the Grizzly track saw.


What is a Grizzly track saw, and why should you use it?

One of the ways that you can be a better carpenter is by calculating the correct measurements and techniques to perform on your project; this means you have to use specific tools that will allow you to do a near-perfect project.

One of these tools that will help you to cut a straight line into the wood piece is the Grizzly track saw.

Now let’s see what this gadget is?

Imagine that you are trying to build a cabin in your backyard, and evidently, you will need equal shape and size logs or flat panels of wood for the walls of the cabin; if you want to make your walls look good, it requires for you to make equal pieces however what if you want them too precisely alike or even identical?

The measurements matter; however, the second step is the execution of the plan, meaning that after you measure everything correctly, you have to cut the pieces properly for them to be identical.

This act requires the right tools; for instance, you always have to use a special ruler to make the measurements, and when cutting the wood, you have to use a saw.

But if you use a regular hand saw to cut the panels, you might end up with pieces that are not even at all, meaning that at the end of the project, you will see some differences on the wood panels that you cannot overlook.

This is a perfect example of why you should use a Grizzly track saw to better and, more importantly, even piece of wood panels at the end of your project.

Now let’s see what a Grizzly track saw is?

This gadget is the product of the Grizzly Company, which specializes in crafting industrial tools for carpenters and, on some special occasions, other professions.

The Grizzly track saw is a power tool, meaning you must plug it into a power source.

As the name suggests, the Grizzly track saw has a part called the track, and you have to place it above the wood to define the limits you have to cut.

The track will ensure that your cut is in a straight line, and it helps the actual saw to move in a slick and smoother way, and also, the line that you defined for the cut will be much more accurate.

In this section of the article, we would like to compare the Grizzly track saw to a standard hand saw cutting the same wood panels.

The Grizzly track saw vs. hand-saw: comparison

Grizzly track saw Normal hand-saw
Power tool, meaning that it is more powerful Hand tool, meaning that you have to use force to use
More accurate is sensitive projects Much less accurate compared to a Grizzly track saw
It can be found in every shop Also can be found in every woodworking shop

Let’s get into the chart a little bit deeper.

As the chart suggests, you have to use a Grizzly track saw to get a better and more accurate final result, and in the counterpoint, the hand saw can come in handy when you don’t have any access to any power tools.

But in the end, we have to observe our project to see the best tool to use for your projects and keep in mind that these tools might have particular uses, and you have to obey the instructions given to both of these woodworking tools.

The comparison suggests that the Grizzly track saw is better than a regular hand saw, and we can completely stand behind that idea.

Now let’s get to the next section and see a brief tutorial on using this fantastic tool, shall we?


How to use a Grizzly track saw? (+3 Steps tutorial)

It is correct that you have to know everything about the Grizzly track saw correctly and theoretically but more critical than the process of using this tool.

So in this section, we will present a brief tutorial on the work process of the Grizzly track saw.

So, without any hesitation, let’s get started:

Stage I

Select the right piece of wood for your tool, and then make sure that the wood you have chosen has a flat surface.

Because in some special situations, the panel’s surface isn’t flat can disturb the machine and maybe even break it.

Stage II

In this section, you must plug the device into the electricity and then turn it on once to ensure it is working correctly. Then you have to put the device on the wood piece and start cutting the wood, but make sure that all of your measurements are correct because that is crucial to the final result.

Stage III

A most important fact about using a Grizzly track saw is the security and safety measures you must take, such as wearing protective gear to preserve your health.

If all the steps are done correctly, the final cut will be completely straight, and we might add it in the correct place.

Now that you have almost all of the information on the Grizzly track saw let’s conclude and end the documentation.



In some projects, you will need to get some special tools to make the best possible piece of wooden structure.

The grizzly track saw is one of these tools, and we are sure that after the review we did on this device, you will figure out whether you need this tool or not?

Make sure you read the whole article to make the right decision on the spot.

In the end, we are very much glad that you stayed with us until the end of the “Complete review: Grizzly track saw” article, and we would be much happier if you share your opinions and thoughts about this documentation in the comment section below or using the contact page information.

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