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How To Build A Door? (Step-by-Step)

These days wooden projects are getting way more advanced than when carpenters needed to cut the wood they wanted and work for months to build a project.

However, in our era, things are much more effortless; there are tools and precut woods that you can purchase from every single wood store, and then you can use all of that equipment to build your projects in less time.

It would be best if you remembered that some carpenters still go deep into the forest, cut their wood, and then work with those conditions rather than getting ready to build material.

Usually, all of the DIY projects that we teach you on this website are advanced projects, and they are pretty complicated.

But today, we will be talking about one of the most common and easy-to-build items that you can find: How to make a door?

This is the tutorial we will be working on today, and we hope that with the instructions we will give you, you will be able to build your door in the comfort of your wood shop.

So let’s start the article.


Why should you build your wooden door?

As you know, there are wood shops in almost every city that sell the half-ready projects, and any carpenter can use these shops to get the wood piece they need.

However, imagine that you need a door for your wooden cabin deep in the woods, and you don’t want to buy a pre-made wood for your cabin because:

  • They are expensive
  • They are limited to the shop owners’ taste
  • You may want an original design

And so on…

In this situation, some people get frustrated because they presume that building a wooden door is rocket science. However, we are here to tell you that’s not true today.

There are much easier ways to build a wooden door with your style and design, and in the end, when you look at the door you crafted, you can be proud and say, “I made that!!!”

Further, in the article, we will be offering you the exact instructions for building a wooden door; however, make sure that you have all of the tools needed for this job; you don’t want to figure out that your devices lack when it’s the half of the process is done.

Therefore, without hesitation, let’s get to the article and see how you can build a door DIY?

How to build a wooden door? (5-Step Tutorial)

As we mentioned earlier, there are wooden doors that you can buy from any store, but when you can build them yourself, why buy them?

Remember that you need an intermediate workshop for this tutorial to be practical and helpful, so if your tools are ready, let’s start.


Step 1

Let’s get started by measuring our main dimensions.

You have to measure the actual frame that you will be hanging your door from; these demotions regard two sides of the frame:

  • The height
  • The width

Make sure your measures are correct because after cutting the door panel, there is no going back unless you have any spare huge wood panels.

After measuring your dimensions, you must subtract them by 0.5cm from each side.

This will make sure that the final product will fit in the frame.

Step 2

In this step, you will be connecting the markings according to your dimensions on the wood plane.

Make sure you use the corner side of the wood because we will use the rest to build additional pieces for the door.

Use a B2 pencil to draw the lines needed on the wood so the cutting process would be flawless.

Use a circular saw and cut through the lines you draw; after doing so, you will have a raw wooden door frame.

Step 3

Use sandpaper and sand all of the surface and the edges of the wooden panel that you have.

You can always use another object or a wall to lean the wood on it to stay steady when sanding it; after you make sure that the wood is in its smoothest state, you will have to cut the additional parts.

Optional Step

If you like designing your door, you have to use the rest of the wood that you just cut and make everything that you desire.

For example, we will be cutting four pieces of rectangular wood long enough to cover the width of the wood.

Or you can make another design with chisels and such, and then you will need wood glue or nails to fix the additional parts on your door.

Or, if you like the door plain and straightforward, move to the next step.

Step 4

Most of the job is done. The next step is to seal the wood with the required finishes.

Remember that wood sealing is a matter of personal preference; however, avoid water-based sealers, which can cause wood inflation over time.

Apply your sealer or wax and leave it to dry out.

Step 5

This is the last step of the tutorial; hang on tight.

You have to attach the hinges to the door panel. Before securing the hinges, mark the exact place that the hinge will be to avoid any unnecessary holes in your door.

Then assemble the hinge using screws, and your door is ready to hang; however, make sure that the screws on the hinge are steady; otherwise, there is a possibility of falling.


Which wood is better for building a door? (Comparison)

Usually, we use plywood to make wooden doors, but some carpenters may use MDF or other plain woods; below is a self-explanatory chart that shows the difference between a plywood door and a pure cherry wood.

Plywood door Cherry wood door
Much cheaper than pure wood Expensive because it is raw wood
Easy to seal It takes time to seal
No need to dry out the moisture inside of the wood It needs to be dried before using

By this part, you have to take a step back and admire the work that you have done.

Now that tutorial is complete and you know how to build a door step by step, let’s conclude, shall we?



Ultimately, we figured that not every wood is suitable for building your door, and you must take advantage of certain woods.

In this article, you learned the tutorial on how to build a door? Through extreme steps.

Make sure to obey the instructions to get the best result.

Finally, we are pretty satisfied that you stayed with us until this part of the article.

You can contact us via the comment section if you have any additional feedback or experience about the “How to build a door? (Step-by-Step)” article.

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