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How to Glue Wood Together (Step-By-Step) + IMPORTANT TIPS

Wood is one of the substances that carpenters use to create magnificent masterpieces.

Sometimes these projects can be small or massive, depending on the mindset and dimensions the carpenter intends to create.

We all have seen trees or a forest at least once in our lives; however, as you can tell, even the most significant trees are sometimes small for specific projects with a broader surface, such as a table.

We mean that few trees have this width to be used in crafting comprehensive projects like a table.

Therefore we have to come up with a solution to resolve this issue.

And don’t worry because we have good news, there is a way that you can make broad flat planes of wood in the comfort of your woodshop.

Using wood glue.

We are confident that you have heard about the gluing process of wood with certain glues.

In this article, we will discuss how to glue wood together step by step.

Additionally, we will offer you some essential tips on gluing wood.

So, let’s enter this article.


What is wood glue?

As you may be aware, there are certain glue types among all substances; however, wood glue is one of the exclusive ones.

We mean that most the glues are usually multi-purpose; however, if you want to glue two pieces of wood together, you will have to use superglue or special wood glue.

Wood glue has unique materials inside its chemical complex, and the reason that it can easily glue two pieces of wood is because these glues get sunk in the wood and make the wood pieces one.

Most of the wood glues on the market are created by accompanied named Gorilla.

This company creates solid products in every field of work, such as smartphone protective glasses.

However, the wood glue department of the Gorilla is pretty solid.

One of the other brands that produce glue is Elmer’s. This company usually makes school glue and multi-purpose glues; wood glues are on their product line.

To better understand the difference between these two types of glue, let’s compare them:

Gorilla wood glue Elmer’s wood glue
Maximum hold and durability Decent hold
Waterproof Slightly less waterproof compared to Gorilla
No clumps when the glue dries Possibility of the clumps appearing

As you can see, the Gorilla wood glue performs much better than Elmer’s glue.

This is because the special department of glue in the Gorilla company works on especially wood adhesives; meanwhile, Elmer’s glues are usually multi-use.

Therefore, you have to choose a suitable glue for your project.

Further, in the article, we will be talking about how you can apply wood glue and what are the essential tips of wood glue?


How to glue wood together? (+3 Steps tutorial)

Let’s say you are in your woodshop, and your significant other asks you to create a new dinner table, so you get to work.

You figure that there are not enough wide panels of wood for a table, so you have to improvise, and you decide that gluing certain wood parts together woodwork just fine.

So get your wood glue, get your wood panels, and start.

Note: You have to keep in mind that the wood usually glues doesn’t stick to the woods that are processed, meaning that both kinds of wood have to be raw, and if even one of your woods is, for example, stained, the glue won’t stick properly, if you want to know why here is the complete article: Will Wood Glue Stick to Stained Wood?

Step 1

First, you have to cut the panels to the right length, then double-check the dimensions to ensure the sizes and measurements are right because once the glue is applied, you cannot easily rip it off the wood.

Step 2

Prepare the wood surface that will receive the glue; you have to use a dry cloth to clean the surface. If you use water or other liquids, you may compromise the hold of the wood glue.

Step 3

After the surface is cleaned correctly, it is time to apply the glue to both characters. Make sure that you use the right amount of glue, not much and not few.

The drying process will differ from glue to glue; however, you must at least wait a day or two before using the project.

Make sure that after you have applied the glue and pushed the wood panels into each other, use a sharp object like a knife or a card to clean the extra glue that is bursting from the cracks of the wood.

This was the process of gluing two pieces of wood together. However, there is still some information that you have to know about maintaining these wood pieces in their drying process.

Let’s get to the next section and see what these tips are?


Essential tips for gluing wood together (+4 tips)

Right after you apply the glue and push the wood together to stick them to each other, you have to take specific actions that we will tell you in this statement section.

So let’s get into the tips right away, shall we?

Tip 1

Applying pressure is the key to a durable glue job.

We mean that after you stick the wood, you have to apply pressure from the sides of the wood to ensure they are sticking correctly.

Tip 2

The second pressure point you must consider is the vertical pressure to prevent clumps from forming between the two pieces.

You can use heavy objects like paint buckets or even a metal shovel; it doesn’t matter; however, make sure that it is serious.

Tip 3

Avoid humid places.

Although most of the wood glues are waterproof, you have to keep them away from humidity at least until the glue dries.

Tip 4

Make sure to clean up the extra glue on the wood as soon as you apply it because if you get to a point where your glue is dry, you will have to use a chisel to rip the bond off the wood.

These tips guarantee that your project will be sturdy and durable in any condition because it is adequately glued.

Now that you know how to glue wood together and the essential gluing tips step, let’s get to the article’s conclusion.


Everything considered

Sometimes when you need more extensive panels of wood for your project, you have to deal with the situation and find a way.

Fortunately, we solved this issue by presenting you with the technique of gluing wood together via exact instructions.

And in the end, using the tips and mixing them with the tutorial in this article, you will be able to perform at your best in gluing two pieces of wood together.

We hope that this article will help you to become a better carpenter. If you have anything additional that you want to add to the “How to Glue Wood Together (step by step) + important tips” article, you can contact us via the reply section below.

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