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How to Paint MDF? (Painting MDF)

On this website, we have discussed all kinds of wood that a carpenter can use to craft home supplies, and we discussed some of the wood variants that homeowners should consider when custom-making a furniture or cabinet piece.

The art of carpentry is a particular field; when you are working with wood, you have the opportunity to create something magnificent out of plain wood.

However, one of the obstacles when working wood is maintaining it in good shape, meaning that when you craft something for your house, and it’s been ten years since it was built, you have to pay attention and take good care of that object.

In this article, we will be talking about a special kind of maintenance: Painting MDF.

As you know, MDF is one of the main substances when crafting wooden kitchen parts such as cabinets and frames; however, after a while, you have to repaint the wood to make it look as new as the first day you got it.

So, if you are ready, let’s get into the article and answer a single question: How to paint MDF?


What is an MDF, and why should you paint it?

Several kinds of wood are currently popular for making cabinets; one is plywood, and the other is MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard.

First, let’s start by knowing the difference between these two and why plywood is not that good of an option when crafting cabinets.

First, the plywood consists of several thin layers of wood stacked and glued together; however, there is a problem when using this wood as the primary material.

When heat touches the plywood, it can slowly fall apart. In other words, heat and water are the two biggest enemies of this type of wood.

On the other hand, the MDF wood is created with sawdust; let us elaborate.

In the shops create the MDF, they tend to smash all the sawdust, mix it with glue, and then apply extreme heat to cook it into the MDF woods we see daily.

However, this wood is also sensitive to heat and moisture, but the durability of the MDF is ay more than the plywood.

As you see, there are some differences between these two, and after seeing the chart below, it will be more straightforward:

MDF Plywood
Cheaper than the plywood Relatively expensive compared to the MDF
Suitable for all kitchen structures For structures that are away from sun and moisture
More resistant than plywood Resistant but not more than MDF

As you can see, there is a considerable difference; now that you know why we should use MDF, it is time to see how we can pain the MDF woods?


How to paint MDF? (Step by Step tutorial)

As we mentioned earlier, the MDF wood is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

These woods come in smooth, flat pieces, and the coloring process is optional; however, if the paint is applied to MDF, it can be preserved from sun and moisture even more.

Nevertheless, in this section of the article, we will tell you all about the painting process of MDF wood, and we hope you can take advantage of this tutorial.

Let’s get started with the equipment and materials that you will need for this tutorial:

  • Mask (Dust mask)
  • Sandpaper (20-grit)
  • Paint
  • Solvent premier
  • Paintbrush
  • Sealer
  • Eye goggles (protection)

Ok, now let’s get into the tutorial, shall we?

Stage one

Wear protective glasses and a mask to avoid hurting your eyes or lungs. Usually, the MDF wood produces a tremendous amount of sawdust when using sandpaper.

So wear your protective gear and start sanding the MDF until the current paint layer is gone or the surface of the wood is smooth.

Stage two

In this section, you have to use a drywall component to seal the edges of the MDF wood because if the edges are not filled, the MDF will not accept paint.

So you can use the component and your finger to seal the edges.

In the next step, you must use the same sandpaper to smooth the edges and eliminate any knots.

Stage three

You have to take your paintbrush and use the solvent on the surface of the wood that you are trying to paint.

Please beware of the water-based solvents because they can cause the wood to expand inside, and it gives the surface of the wood grains and knots.

Make sure that every inch of the surface is covered with the solvent.

Stage four

After waiting for the solvent to dry, you must apply the paint you got for your MDF wood.

Here is an interesting fact, every project’s painting can be done with specific tools, but in this case, you can use a brush, spray gun, or a roller, which doesn’t matter.

After applying the first layer of the paint, ensure it is dry, and then go over the surface and repaint it.

Stage five

If you use this wood piece often in your house, you must ensure that it will endure anything that comes upon it.

As you know, only painting a piece of wood isn’t enough, and you must use the sealer in the next step.

After applying the sealer of your choice, you have to let it dry.

After doing all of these steps, the only thing you have to do is to admire the work that you have just done.

Make sure to follow the steps to the smallest detail to get the best result and most smooth MDF surface.

If you are thinking about using the MDF wood in your kitchen or office, make sure to know everything about the MDF wood in this article so you can make the right call when purchasing the MDF wood.

This would be the end of the article, and the next stop is the conclusion. Let’s see what the end words of the MDF article are?


As a result, …

In the statement of the painting MDF, we talked about both MDF and plywood, and then we compared both of them to see which one is better to use in the kitchen.

And then, we discussed the fact that you can paint over the old paint on your MDF wood, then we cited the tutorial.

If you intend to use MDF in your kitchen, make sure that you follow these articles to paint the MDF properly, so it doesn’t take damaged over time by the heat and steam in the kitchen.

In the end, if you have any feedback about the “How to paint MDF? (Painting MDF)” article, we would love to hear your thoughts; the only thing you have to do is contact us via the comment section below.

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