Is A Miter Saw Able to Cut a 4 * 4? 

This article addresses pretty sure every single individual that works with wood.

Conceptualize that your next project requires you to cut a piece of wood into a solid 4 * 4, then this question comes up; can a miter saw cut my 4 in 4 perfectly?

We will interpret all the evidence and facts on if this task is even possible or not.

To continue with us till the last bit of the word, you’ll get the answer to every question of yours.

We are going to resolve:

  • Can we use a miter saw?
  • What size of the saw should we get?
  • Can a miter saw cut mentioned dimensions in one pass?
  • The main point.

We will cover all ground on this subject, limb by limb.

Let’s start the journey.


Can we use a miter saw?

The main problem will be very much solved here, but go on and read until the end because it contains crucial information.

The answer is affirmative. You can use a miter saw to cut your square, although it is under very detailed conditions.

There are infrequent miter saws, and if you have a machine in your works shop, you can either experiment with that or invest in a new miter saw.

Miter saws come in different blade sizes, and when you are getting one just for the porous of cutting that 4 * 4, you have to pay attention; you want to close out on something that can easily cut through a piece of wood with that much thickness.

Otherwise, you may spend a lot of money and not get what you wished for or, even worse, injure yourself in using it.

So, the bottom line is that, yes, you can use a miter saw, but how and what kind, keep reading to find out.

What size of the saw should we get?

As we are sure that you know what you are doing, you are professionals, but a clarification is in order.

There are several different sizes of blades for your miter saw, including:

  • 8-inches
  • 10-inches
  • 12-inches


The list we presented above is the most popular sizes with the most practicality and use you someone who deals with wood.

Naturally, when the diameter of the blade expands, it gets more power, and instinctively it cuts more area and covers a lot more.

The smallest one meaning the 8-inches blade is too small to cut a 4 in 4, but you can use it if you are in a tight spot.

So after lots of examination and evaluations, the best blade to get the job done at the point without hesitation is the 12-inches, which is near perfection.

If you have an 8-inch miter, you may have to do almost three passes of cut until you get through the wood auspiciously.

Get the result that a smaller miter saw can cut a 4 * 4. However, it will take an insane amount of time.

But what if you are short of time, too swamped to spend that much time on cutting a 4 in 4? Then what?

There is a solution to that, and there is no need to get anguished.

Let’s go through the last part and see how you can use a miter saw to cut a 4 in 4 wood piece in one pass.

Can a miter saw cut mentioned dimensions in one pass?

The interpretation is yes, it is reasonably possible to cut wood in 4 in 4 shapes, but how?

The answer is as transparent as it gets; you have to use the right blade for it.

We aforesaid that there are several types of blades, well now it’s time to get the right one,

As we mentioned before, if you use the 12-inch blade, you have a very high chance to cut your wood into a 4 in 4 in even one pass.

So if you get a bigger diameter, you sure will cut the time you were going to spend on the cutting process, and even all the effort for doing this will be decreased.

So now you can go on with your work and concentrate on the other matters.

Also, it’s crucial to remark that the power of your miter saw is a valid factor in all of this, meaning that if your miter saw has more power watts, it will make your cutting so much easier opposite stands.


The main point

After reading this instruction, we come to the outcome that;

Yes, the miter saw can cut through the wood and make a 4 in 4 shapes and sizes; nevertheless, using the proper technique and tools will make your work much more manageable.

If you have any questions on how any tool works or even a field for us to cove, let us know in the comments, and we would be glad to address your every concern.

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