Ridgid TS3650 [Full review]

We always talk about how carpentry is a form of art, and every artist has their canvas and tools to create the art they are destined to.

However, the specialty is the priority when it comes to woodworking.

There are specific tools in carpentry that will help the carpenter do their job in the best possible way; in our previous articles, we talked about the tools that help woodworkers create something delicate and unique.

However, we are moving up a notch; this article will discuss a tool to handle and manage more significant projects.

You are trying to build a table or a door or even a cabinet door; what would you use to get the desired outcome?

A saw, but specifically, a Ridgid TS3650 Contractors table saw.

So, without any more introduction, let’s get started with the article and go through the review of Ridgid TS3650.

Let’s get to it.


What is a Ridgid TS3650 Contractors Saw? (Definition & Components)

As we all know, there are specific tools for every task in the world of woodworking; however, in some exceptional cases, the tool that a carpenter needs are a pro tool to cut through the thickest of woods in the smoothest way possible.

Warning: Keep in mind that you have to be careful when using enormous saws to cut a piece of wood. Either get help from a professional or learn to use these machines from a master.

Using electric and table saws without the required skill and experience is extremely dangerous.

As we mentioned, a contractor’s saw is from the family of table saws, which helps you cut more significant pieces of wood without holding them down for hours.

Meanwhile, many brands make table saws, yet today we will be discussing the Ridgid TS3650, the Ridgid contractor’s table saw.

A table saw has five components overall:

  1. The blade
  2. Tabletop
  3. Angle switch
  4. Blade exchanger
  5. Protector rip

Now, let’s see what these components do.

Components of the Ridgid TS3650

The blade


  • As the name suggests, a blade on the Ridgid TS3650 is used for cutting the wood. It should be calibrated right. Otherwise, it could back-kick to your face; these blades are made from stainless steel and need sharpening over time.

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  • The table top on the Ridgid contractor saw holds the wood. The blade comes out of the tabletop, and you can push the wood into the blade with the help of the tabletop.

Angle switch


  • The blade on this table saw uses an angled system meaning that you can cut wood at certain angles.

The angle switch has the responsibility to define the angle you want for your piece of wood.

Blade exchanger


  • The blade exchanger is a switch that allows you to change the blade on your tool. There are different sizes and shapes of blades for a table saw, and you have to choose the right one to do the job for you.

Protector rip


  • Safety is the priority in every activity; the protector on the table saw will prevent the blade from touching your hand in cutting.

However, you have to be careful not to overestimate the protector; you must watch out for danger yourself.

These were the components of a Ridgid TS3650 Contractors saw that you needed to know about.

Now, why did we review the Ridgid?

Let’s compare one of the other table saws and find out.


The Ridgid TS3650 vs. its best competitor

This section will compare two of the most sold table saws in the market.

One is the Ridgid TS3650, and the other is the following best-selling market table saw; let’s get started.

Ridgid TS3650 table saw The second best-selling table saw
Price: $570 Price: $600
More comprehensive angle adjustment (up to 150 degrees) Angle adjustment up to 100 degrees
Better stance and metal used in blade Blades often break and need a replacement

As you can see from the small chart above, there are significant differences between these two models.

Being able to widen up so much as 150 degrees for the blade and the low price makes the Ridgid TS3650 one of the best options in the market.

We are not saying that the model we compared in this section is worse than the Ridgid; it only offers less functionality, which would change based on your needs in the wood shop.

It would be evident why the Ridgid is one of the best contractors’ table saws in the market.

Now allow us to move on to the next section, a short manual on using the Ridgid TS3650.

Let’s get going.


How to use the Ridgid TS3650 table saw?

Keep in mind that this tutorial is for getting familiar with the tool. If it is your first time using a table saw, get assistance from an expert.

Now let’s say that we are trying to build a cabinet door with angled edges using the Ridgid TS3650:

Step 1

Do the measurements the finest as possible. Your measurements guarantee that your project will end up in good shape.

Step 2

Define the angle of the blade that you desire, and then lock it in place.

Step 3

Start up the machine and put down your wood on the tabletop.

Step 4

Use a push guide to hold on to the piece of wood that you are trying to cut, and then push it towards the blade.

And you are done!!!

This was the easy way of using a table saw; however, keep in mind that there are many techniques regarding the table saw the family you have to master.

Now let’s conclude the article and see if getting a Ridgid TS3650 for your woodshop is a wise move or not?



In this article, we learned that a Ridgid TS3650 is used to make big furniture and projects, and in the meantime, there are lots of features to this specific model.

We compared this saw to the second best-selling table saw in the market.

And then, we observed the review of the Ridgid TS3650 contractors table saw.

If you have ever worked with this tool and have the skills ready to use this tool on your own, the table saw would be a great addition to your workshop.

However, if you don’t have any experience using this tool, we suggest taking a course or internship to learn more about this device.

Ridgid TS3650 we come to the end of this article; if you have any thoughts that you want to add up to this article or you have other questions regarding the “Ridgid TS3650 [Full review]” article, contact us via the contact page or the comment section at the end of this article.

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