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Scroll Saw Projects For Beginners (Definition & Steps)

Crafting wooden structures must be one of the most amazing feelings in the world because you are creating an art piece that represents you.

There are several categories in the world of woodworking that you have to know about to figure out what category you are on:

  • Industrial
  • Decorative
  • Practical
  • Outdoor & indoor

We have discussed most of these categories in the previous articles on this website. However, today we will tell you about a tool and tutorial in two types: A scroll saw.

This tool is one of the valuable tools of carpentry that can help you to craft decorative structures out of wood. However, this machine is susceptible, so you must read the whole article to use this tool.

And also, we will be telling you about some of the scroll saw projects for beginners.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


What is a scroll saw? (Types of Scroll Saw)

By now, we are sure you have been working on enough wood projects to know that every project requires a particular set of tools and skills to perfect creation.

The scroll saw is one of the tools that require special conditions to use.

First off, let us say that there are two types of scroll saws:

  • Industrial scroll saws
  • Small shop scroll saws

As the names suggest, one of the saws should be used in the industrial environment because it is much more potent than the other, and the other is for more personal use.

Let’s compare these two and proceed to the rest of the article.

Industrial Scroll Saw Small Shop Scroll Saw
Much more powerful Relatively weaker
Suitable for a high volume of work Suitable for personal use
Usually is used in factories Perfect for small workshops

As you can see, the difference between these two is evident. There is no need for an explanation but let us say that in this statement, we will be talking about the small scroll saws because the main objective of this article is a scroll saw project for beginners.

Before getting to the projects, let’s see what a scroll saw is?

A scroll saw consists of several parts, and because it is a power tool, we cannot open it up and define every little piece for you so that the main features will be listed.

This machine has a top and bottom part, and the main saw blade, which is a thin saw, goes from top to bottom, and when you turn on the machine, this blade will move up and down.

Because the blade on that saw is skinny, the scroll saw is perfect for elegant and detailed projects.

And in addition to those parts, the scroll saw has a tray that lets you rest the piece of wood that you are working with on the tray.

In the next section of the article, we will give you a brief tutorial on using the scroll saw, and then we will list some of the beginners’ projects for the scroll saw.

So let’s move on.


Beginners’ projects with a scroll saw (+ short tutorial on the scroll saw usage)

As we said in the first section, the scroll saw has its particular purpose.

You can use this tool to do some special detailed projects like ornaments and such but first, let’s see how you can use a scroll saw:

How to use a scroll saw (+2 steps tutorial)

  • Step 1

You have to choose the wood based on the saw size, meaning that if your wood is too thick for the saw, the tool will not be able to perform perfectly with the wood.

So you have to choose the correct diameters and then make sure that your surface is transparent, meaning that your wood piece must not have any lumps on it because it can disturb the machine.

  • Step 2

Put the wood on the tray and while the machine is running, push the wood onto the blade, and then you can change the position of the wood to cut it however you like; keep in mind that you only can make cuts in 2 dimensions.

Warning: make sure you have protective gear because the hand sometimes gets too close to the blade, and you must put safety first.

Now that you know how to use the scroll saw, let’s get to the next chapter and see what the beginners’ projects are with the scroll saw?


Beginner projects with a scroll saw.

Let’s say that you just started working with a scroll saw and are looking for projects that are not that complex so you can get the hang of the tool.

Let’s then see the list of the projects for beginners using the scroll saw:

#1. Jigsaw puzzles

  • One of the projects you can easily make with a scroll saw is using a thin layer of wood to make a jigsaw puzzle; you can even paint it and then cut it, so it is a full-on mystery.

#2. Ornaments

  • Ornaments are the life of Christmas; you can make them using a scroll saw and then hang them on the tree to make it look better and much safer for the environment.

#3. Toy

  • One of the projects that are simple and can be built for children is wooden toys; make sure that you make toys that are not hazardous for kids.

Overall, toys are a perfect first project for the scroll saw.

#4. Tables

  • And the last project that is pretty simple to make with is the Tables. You can use the suitable wood from the thickness aspect and then make a table in the form and shape you want.

These simple and beginner projects could be built using a scroll saw.

As we said, when using a scroll saw, you first have to ensure the safety measures and then pay attention and use the suitable wood for your project.

We shall finish this article and get to the last section, the article’s conclusion.



Some of the tools in the carpentry world are very useful for specific purposes, and you have to take advantage of these tools to get an incredible final result.

Keep in mind that in this article, we talked about the safety measures and the tutorial on using a scroll saw, and then we listed some of the beginner’s projects for a scroll saw like the table tops.

In the end, we appreciate the time you took to read the “Scroll saw projects for beginners” article.

Eventually, if you have anything to add to this article or have any experience using a scroll saw, contact us via the information on the contact page or the comment section.

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