Spalted Maple – What Is It?

When you have some critical project to attend to, you must find the finest of the woods to have the best piece at the end of the job.

You know that there are tremendous amounts of different wood on this earth, and you have to find the one that will suit your work and look good.

This article will discuss some of the best woods you have ever seen, the spalted maple wood.

This wood is one of the unique woods in the industry, and there is a decent and exciting scientific reason behind it, which we will elaborate on further in the article.

Remember that most woods cannot be used to make everything, so you have to choose the right one; the same goes with the spalted maple because it is one of the unique woods you must be careful when using.

We will also talk about the tree’s characteristics and the wood and the locations where it can be found. So, if you are as eager as us to find out more about this wood, keep reading.

Spalted maple – what is it?

The Maple Family

The first matter we would like to discuss is that maple has many verities. So you have to look for the one that suits you.

The maple tree is usually grown in the northern part of the earth, and this tree’s essence can be used to make consumables such as maple syrup. However, the wood we will discuss today is a unique maple.

The spalted maple is one of the few kinds of wood that has an infection in it, this may seem absurd, but we think this is the best side of this wood. Keep in mind that not all infections are harmful.

This infection that we are talking about is a fungal infection, meaning that the characteristics of the spalted maple relate to the fungus growing inside the tree and the wood.

However, you might think, what if it harms us?

Spalted maple – what is it?

To this question, we have to say that if your wood coating and sealing are done correctly, you won’t have anything to worry about, and you can easily use this wood to build projects.

The maple tree is relatively dense. This means you can use it to make sturdy and robust projects that will last a long time. Especially with spalted maple, you will have the wood’s durability and project alongside a fascinating view of the wood.

In the next section of the article, we will tell you more about the spalted maple, and we hope that by the end, you will see whether this wood is suitable for your job or not.

So, if you are ready, let’s get to the next chapter, shall we?

The Spalted Maple

In this article section, we intend to focus only on the spalted maple and its aspects. First, if you recall, we mentioned that this tree has an infection that gives it its unique sides.

For instance, when you cut a spalted maple wood in half, you can see some dark circles inside the wood.

Spalted maple – what is it?

These black lines are the fungus that we have been talking about, and while it is harmless, it also makes the tree look better. And it would be decent to know that the fungal infection also doesn’t harm the tree.

The spalted maple is one of the dense woods, so while it is durable and sturdy and you can make everything with it soft, the cutting process doesn’t take long.

As we said, this wood is found in the north section of the earth, and most of the wood shops these days have spalted maple in their shop and for sale.

The fungus on the wood is the result of decay over time inside of the wood via the fungus that we have mentioned; however, after a while, this decay process which is called spalting, stops, and the black lines that you see are the dead tree cells that happened in the process.

And as we said, there is no worry because these fungi do not have the special abilities to reproduce in the human body, and even then, they would not survive the conditions odd the body.

Spalted maple – what is it?

So if you would like to craft a table or even a plate out of this wood, it can be quite a decent idea. Let’s see one of the graphs we have prepared on this statement and then end the article.

Spalted maple vs. Cherry wood

Spalted Maple Cherry Wood
dense Softwood
cheap Rather expensive
Durable and consistent over time Durable

Keep in mind that we have compared two of the popular woods in the industry, and we can say that the spalted maple wood can be the best in its range because it has many features and a few downsides.

Now that you have all of the information regarding the spalted maple, we shall get to the end of the article and finish the complete statement regarding the origin of spalted maple.

In sum…

Choosing the suitable wood for your project should have the best feeling and aspiration. However, you must know the wood you are using, meaning that you must acknowledge your resources.

In this article, we have talked about spalted maple, which is one of the most beautiful woods in the industry to craft decorative and sometimes practical projects.

Overall we have discussed the specifics and small details about the spalted maple, and we hope our information will help you understand this wood better.

In the end, we are very glad that you took the time to finish the “Spalted maple – what is it?” article.


We hope you got the answer to all of your inquiries, and if you have anything additional to add to the statement we advise you to use the comment section below.

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