What is a Domino joiner?

Consider that you are a carpenter, and you need a technique to join two bits of wood together.

There are multiple ways that two bits of woodwork can join together.

One of the most solid and sold approaches to consolidating two kinds of wood is utilizing the Domino joints, various sizes and uses.

A Domino joiner is a particular hand power device for carpenters that cuts tiny openings into wood stock as a component of joining two bits of wood together in mortise and join joinery.

An overall rookie to the power hand joiner commercial center, the Domino joiner was created by a German organization called Festool. It was acquainted with the carpentry market in 2006.

It joined the high finish of a highly aggressive bread roll joiner market.

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Now, how about we start the article and sort out what a Domino Joiner and are its disparities from its rival.


What is a Domino Joiner and Joint?

Genuine developments in compact power apparatuses are intriguing. The irregular circle sander, roll joiner, cordless innovation, and enormous jumps forward are rare.

Festool, a German organization, hangs out lately for reevaluating various old steadfast devices. Peruses will review the dive style round saw with the clever aide track and an excellent cordless drill that acknowledges three unique heads.

Festool’s most recent advancement, the Domino Joiner, might be the organization’s generally huge.

Accessible in April, this device looks and works like a roll joiner. Yet, the Domino utilizes a turning and swaying (wobbling side to side) piece to cut a full mortise in a solitary dive.

The framework utilizes different-size beech slip joins. However, the biggest joins are just 3/8 in. thick by 7/8 in. wide by two in.

Long; the consistently machined mortises and great fitting joins amounted to painful areas of strength for extremely sufficient for bureau entryways, drawers, face outlines, many seats, and all tables barely short of eating size.

Be that as it may, the genuine sizzle here is speed.

In about thirty minutes, we gathered a whole table, with two slip joins at each joint (32 mortises altogether) with the ideal arrangement of parts. We can’t imagine a method for doing this quicker with similar strength and results.

A domino joint is a mortise and joins joint marked after the Festool DOMINO convenient mortise.

A domino joint is made by cutting two coordinating, extended openings in the wood to be joined and afterward embedding the join (with a stick).


Which one is better: Domino or Biscuit?

leading in case of start by getting out whatever a Biscuit Joiner is:

A bread roll joint comprises a level, stretched cut into the two bits of the wood to be joined.

After the cut is made, a pre-fabricated composite wood roll is stuck and embedded into the amount. Then, the bread roll makes a strong association between the two bits of wood and, with a stick, will make a rigid joint.

Presently, we should analyze these excellent joiners and see who will win the competition.

Key Features of Domino & Biscuit:

Domino Biscuit
Controlled width of cut with a straightforward turn of a dial Rack and pinion walls for guaranteeing left to right arrangement
Compatible pieces for fluctuating join thickness Bread roll joiners slice to a flexible profundity of 20mm (simply over ¾”)
Cross stop arrangement takes into consideration rehashed, filed cuts in more extensive sheets or Plywood Better quality models have handheld or foot initiated creation units
Succeeds at corner joints A few models offer cordless power versus customary corded.

Pros and Cons of Domino & Biscuit:


pros cons
Cross stop arrangement considers rehashed, recorded cuts in more extensive sheets or pressed wood. Cost (for a relaxed DIY’er)
Trim stop arrangement considers an outstanding collection of same-width workpiece joins. Higher expectation to learn and adapt than a roll joiner as the PRECISE format is expected before cutting the join
Handrail wall takes into account wood joints in round or bent material (unrealistic with rolls and exciting with pocket opening dances) Festool is the leading maker and encompasses extras like residue assortment are claimed by you got it … Festool.


pros cons
Less arrangement precision is expected as rolls can slide in the groove. Best for just wood surfaces that meet with north of 1-1/2″+ of contact space
It isn’t expected to Use metric estimations. Due to shallower profundity in wood and slenderer roll, it is more vulnerable in contrast with a Domino joint
Dust assortment discretionary Also, last, a bread roll joiner won’t make bent bread roll joints.

When could a domino joint be more than required?

Indeed, face outlines on cupboards are an incredible illustration of a joint that should be strong during get-together but won’t go through sideways force during use.

Thus, a bread roll will be fine (and less expensive) in many applications.

What’s more, moving past the cost of the DOMINO may be intense.

Along these lines, in any event, considering pocket opening joinery, we’d, in any case, select a bread roll joiner on the off chance that you aren’t don’t know the amount you’ll require the more costly (and competent) DOMINO joiner.

Presently exchanging over to the domino joint, you will learn that the roll or mortise arrangement is KEY if you haven’t utilized either machine.

Furthermore, because the bread roll is excused in a left-right account, a domino joiner repays with highlights like cross pause and trim stop.

We will close the article here, move to the last segment, and see the reality of all this.



Whether to obtain a conventional roll joiner or the more exorbitant Domino joiner may at last lie with the idea of the work being performed.

Those for whom carpentry is a leisure activity and who aren’t confronting the cutoff times and time limitations of a creation shop will probably be happy with the exceptionally exact customary roll joiner.

Those expertly associated with the development of cupboards and furniture have a lot more critical requirements for speed without forfeiting exactness and will probably see their creation levels expanded by the Domino joiner.

We are sure that this article will help you pick the right sort of devices to get and take care of your best business.

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