What Is Baltic Birch Plywood?

There are many types of woods on the market; each has its characteristics and qualities.

Use suitable wood in certain conditions to get the best result when you finish your project.

One of the wood types that usually gets used by industrial carpenters is plywood; because it is a cheap and durable flat board of wood, it can be used in many situations you have to know about.

However, there are also different types of plywood, but we have researched and found the best one created yet, and we intend to talk about it in this article.

The Baltic plywood.

This type of wood has some unique qualities that no other plywood possesses.

So if you are into creating durable and usually outdoor wooden structures, we will tell you all about this wood that will help you immensely.

Keep in mind that the plywood family has particular use in the carpentry world.

Now let’s get into the article.


A brief introduction to plywood

As you know, most of the woods that any woodworker uses in their shop are solid and one-piece woods because the projects that these carpenters are making don’t require any flat boards.

But there comes a time in every carpenter’s life that they have actually to craft something using a flat board.

Now imagine that you are trying to make a cabinet and you have to use a flat board now, there is a good chance that you will not find a wood piece as big as your cabinet dimensions, so you have two alternatives:

  • Glue pieces together
  • Use plywood

It is evident that if you glue pieces of wood together, it won’t look good, and it will have knots that will disturb your work. However, the next best option is to use plywood.

Plywood consists of several layers of wooden boards.

Sometimes these woods are made from raw wood; however, sometimes, they consist of sawdust glued together.

Use these woods carefully because some are fragile and may break easily.

But the plywood that we will discuss today is different from the rest of the plywood family members.

This article section will show you a graph that will help you understand the difference between the Baltic plywood and the others.

Baltic Plywood Normal plywood
Maximum durability Highly fragile
Looks better It May does not look that good
It can be used in almost all the wooden structures It can be used in specific projects that don’t need any perfection

As you can see from the chart, you have to choose carefully regarding plywood.

The chart suggests that the Baltic plywood has the durability of a piece of steel, metaphorically.

This wood quality will make it one of the best options in the world of woodworking.

Now that you know the difference between ordinary and Baltic plywood, we will get to the next section of the article and discuss why you should use Baltic plywood.

We shall continue.


Reasons that you should use Baltic plywood (+3 Reasons)

We talked about the minor characteristics of Baltic plywood; however, in this section, we want to list some reasons to convince you to use Baltic plywood.

So if you are ready, let’s get started.

Screw holder

The Baltic plywood is known for its durability, and one of the treats that prove this fact is that this wood can be a great screw holder, meaning that when you insert a screw into it, it will try its best to hold in that screw.

If you work a lot with joints and such, this might be your best wood option yet.


The second reason to use Baltic plywood is that this wood will look gorgeous when it’s finished and when applied with wood stain, it can be one of the most beautiful creations you have ever made.


The third factor you must remember is the quality of joining this wood with others.

This wood can hold up to its reputation

when applied with glue or connected with a screw.

It can be a clean, beautiful, and durable join.

These are three of the several reasons why you should use Baltic plywood.

As you can see, if you are creating something that prioritizes durability and looks, you have to go after the Baltic plywood because all of them are pretty perfect for this job.

Now that you have enough information on the Baltic plywood let’s get to the end of the article and finish this statement.



The material you are using in your woodworking shop is the %50 of the whole project, and the rest is the skill and experience.

You must be careful when choosing your material because if the wood isn’t suitable for your project, it can collapse in seconds.

We talked about the Baltic plywood and why it is unique among carpenters worldwide.

The reasons that you have to use it and leave the old plywood aside.

We hope the information we provided in this article can help you get the suitable material for your industrial wood projects.

Eventually, if you have anything to add to the “What is Baltic birch plywood?” article or have experience working with Baltic plywood, we would love to hear what you say.

Use the comment section or the contact info to keep in touch with us.

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