What is the best wood for furniture? (+ 4 Suitable Wood Types)

You probably know that wood is one of the most used and loved materials for building furniture.

Because of the high price of wooden furniture, not everyone can afford to decorate their interior design with wood; however, wood has become more and more popular for making home decorations.

Keep in mind that there are different types of wood.

What if you are a new starting carpenter and want to build a table for your hall, and you don’t know what wood to use?

This article will tell you all about the different types of wood and a variant of the best wood pieces to build a bit of home furniture.

Keep reading this article, and by the end of this statement, you will be all aware of the wood type you need to build your projects.


Wood type: differences

As you know, carpenters use several types of wood for their projects, but in this case, we don’t mean the breed of the tree that the wood comes from.

Let us explain more.

In general, the wood that is used in woodshops are two different kinds:

  • Solid wood
  • Industrial wood

Before getting into the details of these two, let’s look at the chart below, which is related to this concept:

Solid Wood Industrial Wood
Much more expensive Less expensive
Feels natural It has an artificial feeling to it
Hardwood and Softwood Processed wood

Now that we have this chart, let’s go through the extreme details of both of these woods:

Solid Wood

First, let us explain what solid wood is.

When you cut down a tree and deliver it straight to the carpenter, it is called a solid piece of wood.

However, solid woods are costly, so let us tell you why.

When you buy a log of solid wood, it comes straight from the forest and from a tree growing for about 45 years!!! So, planting a tree and waiting for it to be in selling condition takes more than 40 years.

The second fact about solid wood is that it is raw, and you can shape it however you want, and after cutting it into pieces, you can keep it as softwood or a hard one.

Now let’s go to the Industrial wood.

Industrial wood

Unlike solid wood, processed woods are only usable in the form delivered to the carpenter. Meaning reshaping or sanding it to specific forms is not possible.

These woods usually come in the form of flat wood pieces. However, this kind of wood is much more affordable and reasonably priced than solid wood.

The artificial wood feels artificial as well, and we mean that if the feeling of the wood doesn’t matter to you, it would be a great option.

But if you are a wood designer who values the texture and the feeling of the wood that you are working on, you better get a solid piece of wood.

Ok, by this part of the article you know that it is important what type of wood we should use in the home furniture.

But now, we will be going through some of the wood breeds that are the best options for making home furniture.


+ 4 Wood types: Best woods for furniture

This section of the article will list some perfect wood types for making furniture.

So, without any more introductions, let’s list the woods:

Maple Wood

Maple wood is the first on the list because it is one of the best furniture-making woods ever.

Maple is a hardwood and has many realities, but the texture and the feeling of maple wood are unique, and because this tree isn’t a toxic plant, it can be used in making kitchenware.


Pine wood is a moderately priced wood, but there are some problems.

If you pay close attention, you will see that so many cabins and the wood project are made from pine wood, but I’m afraid that’s not right.

Pine is softwood, and using it to craft furniture isn’t the wisest option because it can break easily.


Cedar is a special kind of wood.

It is considered a softwood. Therefore, it would not be best to use it in indoor projects. However, this wood has a unique ability.

Cedarwood is of water and heat-resistant nature, and the aroma and smell of this wood can repel certain insects and bugs.

So, this would be a great wood to craft a closet or a pantry.

Cherry wood

Compared to the other woods, cherry wood is an excellent choice for making home furniture.

This wood is relatively complicated. Therefore, it’s durable.

But the interesting fact about cherry wood is that it is just like wine. It becomes more beautiful and majestic as it ages. This wood will darken in time, giving it a unique and chic look.

These are some of the best options for you to use in making furniture, but pay attention to the details of these woods and observe the needs that you have, and in the end, choose the right piece of wood for your project.

In this part of the article, we talked about different types of wood for making furniture, and we listed some of the best options for your woodworking projects.

Now let’s get to the end of the article and see if there is a wood that tops all of the other ones in making home furniture.



Using wood as a material in crafting home furniture is authentic and glamorous.

But we learned that there are a variety of woods that you can use in crafting your home furniture.

If you are trying to make a table or a cutting board, you have choices of wood which you have to choose from carefully; keep in mind that some of the woods are toxic. When in contact with human skin, move with caution.

If you enjoyed this article, “What is the best wood for furniture?” we would love to hear your thoughts on this statement.

If you have any additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us via the comment section below this article.


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