Why Is Walnut Wood So Expensive?

Most people, especially those who work with wood, are aware that carpentry can be used with various types of wood and that each implementation has its price, which can be cheap or expensive.

As you can see, the price of wood, like the price of any other tool, increases dramatically each year compared to the previous year.

The cost of timber rises for various reasons, ranging from forest fires to trade negotiations.

There are many trees today whose wood is used for various purposes. Some of these woods are readily available and easily prepared, but others are incredibly scarce due to climatic conditions, which affect their price.

Walnut wood is widely used and has a unique place among the existing types of wood, but it is costly due to scarcity.

Now, people who work with wood wonder why, if walnut wood is so expensive, it is still famous among carpenters and is used more.

So follow us in this article to find your answer about walnut wood and the reasons that cause it to become pricy.

Walnut wood

When it comes to wooden furniture, the first wood that comes to everyone’s mind is walnut wood because it has a high working class and is the first wood used to produce luxury wooden furniture.

If you want to learn more about walnut wood, come along with us as we investigate what makes it so luxurious and expensive.

The color of walnut wood is rich and dark. There are many different types of walnut trees, which can reach heights of 100 feet or more and have a diameter of 30 to 40 inches, providing a stable seed that is easy to work with.

Walnut Wood Features and Qualifications

There are some features and qualifications that show the walnut wood is worthy:

  • Resistant and tough.
  • Heavy, strong, and long-lasting.
  • Impact-resistant and appropriate for turning and carving.
  • Has a high flexural strength.
  • It is made of fine-grain material.
  • Resistant to deterioration.
  • Have distinct colors.

Walnut Wood colors

Why Is Walnut Wood So Expensive?

Walnut wood comes in various tonnages, and the colors vary depending on which part of the wood comes from.

The tree’s outermost layer called Sapwood is pale yellow and gray to almost white.

The innermost part of the tree called Heartwood is the central core, which contains dark browns and light browns with purple, gray, and reddish rays and dark streaks.

Walnut Wood Grain Pattern

The structure of the walnut tree is delicate, smooth, and coarse in appearance, and it is sometimes described as having knots or abnormalities.

Natural crotch grains can form when a tree splits into two branches, causing the wood fibers to wrinkle.

Every year, a new ring forms and wrinkles form where the wood is pressed. A shell made of walnut kernels looks like a solid rotating pattern.

Between the notable oak and the uniform texture of the maple is walnut with a distinctive grain pattern.

walnut & oak

Putting Walnut and Oak Woods Side by Side

To continue, we want to compare Oak & Walnut from some aspects:

  • Grain
  • Hue
  • Sturdiness
  • Cost

The Grain

  • Smoother grain.
  • Distinctive appearance with its wavy grains.

The Hue

  • Darker tones ranging from light brown to dark brown.
  • Colors range from light to medium brown.

The Sturdiness

  • Strong, Supportive.

The Price

  • Expensive.
  • Cheap.

Is Walnut a Good Wood to Make Furniture Out of?

  • Frequently used for official and office furniture.
  • In the end, a dark or natural stain is applied to finish the dark shadows.
  • Walnut wood is a valuable hardwood because of its resilience, grain, and hue.

Walnut Wood Mysteries

The exciting thing about walnut wood is that it lightens with age!

The rich honey color can fade. Walnut wood is an excellent choice for instruments, and it is found in guitars and violins. It also lends itself well to steam bending.

What is the source of the high cost of wood?

Why the price of wood is so high today is a critical issue for carpenters.

The truth is that the price of wood started to climb progressively in 2018 as a result of a series of natural disasters, such as forest fires that damaged millions of trees, as well as political and economic troubles between countries with forests, which affect the price of trees and their bark.

Now let’s talk about walnut wood and the reasons that caused it to increase its price:

One of the most important and main factors that cause the walnut wood’s ridiculous costs is scarcity on the one hand and supply and demand on the other.

As you may know, this wood is very famous among furniture makers due to its high strength and toughness.

Still, it is a bit of an issue compared to other readily and inexpensively available options, such as oak, pine, and cherry.

Because of its rapid growth, pinewood is one of the least expensive woods for making furniture.

When comparing pine wood to walnut wood, we must note that pine tree organisms can be grown profitably in less than a decade, whereas black walnut trees can take up to 55 years to mature.

The last word,

Finally, walnut is a versatile and beautiful hardwood that can be used for various woodworking projects. By walnut wood can make tables, sideboards, and other furniture.

The variation in grain and color make it a one-of-a-kind material for any size project. It should be noted that due to its slow growth and scarcity, this wood has a very high price.

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