Woodpeckers’ router table: Full Review

If your profession is carpentry, you must know that having some specific tools is vital to your job.

When working with wood for art purposes or industrial products like tables and cabinets, specific tools have the most efficient use that you have to use in your projects.

This article will talk about a piece that will help any woodworker significantly.

In some of our previous articles, we talked about wood Routers, we mentioned that routers help a carpenter craft unique patterns and cuts on their project.

This article is related to the router concept with a slight twist.

Today we are going to discuss woodpecker’s router table.

Although the name is pretty self-explanatory, we will review the woodworking router table tool from top to bottom in this article.

Now let’s get started with the article and step inside the world of carpentry tools.


What is a woodpecker’s router table?

A router is an electrical tool that has a grave purpose.

The router creates different and exciting patterns on the wood edge and surface, and carpenters usually use this tool to make cabinet doors or tabletops.

But in this case, we are talking about a table, a Router table to be exact.

This tool is massive in size, and woodworkers with a studio big enough get this tool.

Fortunately, this table has smaller types, and you can place them in much smaller shops.

So what does a woodpecker’s router table does precisely?

This tool is used in two notable areas:

  • If you don’t have a domino or biscuit in your woodshop, you can use a router table with the required blades to create the joiner spot you desire.
  • The second use of this tool is to do exactly what a router does, and the only difference is that this tool comes with a table that will make cutting long pieces of wood much more straightforward and effortless.

Did you wonder why the name of this table is woodpecker?

Woodpecker is the name of the brand that makes these tools.

As you know woodpecker is a bird that creates a hole inside trees with its beak. One of the mechanisms of this tool is inspired by this animal. Let’s explain why with an example.

Imagine that you have a flat piece of wood that you have to dig a circular shape right in its middle.

No saw can handle this task without damaging the wood. Some companies got inspired by the woodpecker and created the woodpecker router table.

The woodpecker option on this device has a unique blade on it, and it cuts out or carves the wood that you give it however you want without the slightest damage to your project.

Additional to the information you gained from the woodpecker’s router table, we will be offering you an instruction to use this tool on your own, so keep reading.


How to use a woodpecker’s router table? (+4 steps tutorial)

Using a vast tool like a router table can be dangerous if you are not familiar with the anatomy of the device.

But in this instruction, we will explain using this tool in the safest way possible.

Let’s get started:

Step 1

  • Chose a blade or a Bit, and then install it carefully on the screw sticking out of the tabletop. Depending on your project, you have to pick a suitable Bit.

Step 2

  • The height of the Bit that you are going to use is essential. Good for you; they are adjustable on the tabletop and straight from the router itself.

Step 3

  • The router tables have a particular component named a fence, which is responsible for guiding and protecting your hand. You push the wood against it and run it through the Bit. So set up the fence in a way that you feel comfortable.

Step 4

Get a plane starter pin and put it on the wood piece you are working on. Turn on the machine and start slowly pushing your wood against the Bit. Make sure that you wear protective gear at all times.

This was the brief yet complete walkthrough using the woodpecker’s router table.

Make sure to get help from a professional if it is the first time that you are using this tool.

In the next part of the article, we will compare the router tables and regular hand routers, so let’s get the competition on:

Woodpecker Router Table vs. Hand Router

This section of the article will compare two of the most used router types to see which one is better:

Woodpecker Router table Hand Router
Steady and durable Weaker than the table router
Stays in one place Portable and relatively durable
Two different functions


One function


As you can see from the chart, there are some significant differences between these two.

While the hand router is portable, you can take it wherever you need it; the woodpecker’s router table surely defeats its opponent in power and durability.

But there come times that you have to carry the router because you need it in another location; in this scenario, it would benefit you if you had a hand router.

It is purely a matter of personal needs and preferences; you might be comfortable working with the table router or the hand router. After reading both articles, you have to decide which one is more practical for your work.

Now let’s get to the conclusion of the Woodpeckers router table review.



This article talked about a Woodpecker Router Table and how you can use the router table to create the pattern you want for your project.

Remember that using all carpentry tools requires skill and experience; however, you have to start somewhere.

We recommend you try using specific tools like the router table in the presence of a skilled carpenter or getting another carpenter to mentor you in using these tools.

We are concluding the article right here.

We hope that by the information that you gained today, you get new ideas and experiences using your router table; if you have any additional questions about the “Woodpeckers router table: Full Review” article or if you have any tips and tricks about using this tool that you want to share with us, contact us via the comment section.

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