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Woodworking Salary All Around The Globe

Some are confident that there comes a time in every person’s life that they have to start making money and pay for their living expenses, and to do so, every individual has their way of making money.

We have seen some individuals interested in carpentry but not sure about the salary of this profession. So even want to move and work in another country using this profession.

In this article, we intend to tell you about woodworking salaries all around the globe; we will list 10 of the best countries for carpenters (economic wise) all around the world where you can be a carpenter and make a great deal of money.

However, you have to remember that carpentry is not a profession related to the virtual world, so you should not expect a lot from this profession, money-wise.

We are not suggesting that it pays little but compared to jobs like programming and data science, it does.

Woodworking salary all around the globe

Now, if you want to know about woodworking salaries all around the globe, we advise you to come with us and let’s start the article.

We shall begin.

Carpentry & its origin

Since the beginning of time, the number one material that even primal humans used to make houses were wood; they would break it with stones and then assemble them and make their houses or even tools to hunt.

However, humanity evolved, and these wooden pieces were combined with stone, making the wood less convenient.

Tools made in the Renaissance era were still used because their design and innovation were great. Even the famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci, has created some special tools himself because, as you might know, he was a great inventor.CTA

And then we reached the 20th century in which wood was used to decorate and create cabins in woods, and this became the whole purpose of timber, however after a while and some thinking, we can say that not is the best time for carpenters, let us tell you why.

Woodworking salary all around the globe

These days individuals have million-dollar mansions and would need something to decorate them with; the number one option is marble, but when the volume of the marble rises, the best option becomes wood.

Expensive and even average wood for design and decoration is the best option. So, as you can see, carpenters can make a lot of money these days, but they have to be insightful and determine which path they want to take.

In this article, we will tell you about woodworking salaries all around the globe, and we are sure that it will give you an understanding of this matter and hope you will know what your next move in this industry is.

Now let’s get to the next section and see the list of the countries for carpenters, shall we?

Woodworking salary in the best countries all around the world (+ 10 best ones)

Working as a wood designer is somewhat different than carpentry it is more related to internal designing; however, in this case, we are sure that most carpenters can craft decorative objects with practice and experience.

Woodworking salary all around the globe

We shall see the list of the countries that we suggest for carpenters; let’s see what they are:

  1. Australia Australia

AUD 74,868/per year

This price is for average skills and professionals; this could be as high as $91,240.

  1. Canada Canada

CAD 59,315/per year

For professionals, this amount is high, up to $72,170.

  1. Denmark Denmark

412,985Kr DKK/per year

And for pro carpenters, this is 502,046Kr.

  1. France France

35,817€ EUR/per year

And if you have enough skills to be considered a pro, you will get 43,554€.

  1. Germany Germany

42,761€ EUR/per year

And for high-skill carpenters, 52,028€.

Woodworking salary all around the globe

  1. Italy Italy

32,378€ EUR/per year

Elite carpenters get 39,362€.

  1. Ukraine Ukraine

195,138₴ UAH/per year

And at the most 241,299₴.

  1. Turkey Turkey

67,116₺ TRY/per year

And for the more excellent carpenters that have much more skill, 82,527₺.

  1. Russia Russia

684,849₽ RUB/ per year

And the professionals will get almost 842,246₽.

  1. New Zealand New Zealand

NZD 65,674/per year

And for the experienced carpenters, $79,978.

Woodworking salary all around the globe

These were 10 of the best countries for carpenters and woodworking salaries all around the globe; keep in mind that these prices and wages are set for 2022, and they may have some changes at the end of the year.

However, based on this article, you can easily decide which country has better opportunities for carpenters.

And remember that we have mentioned two prices, one for an average carpenter and one for professionals. You can get paid more or less than this range just based on your skills when working with wood.

Now let’s classify these countries in a graph in the order of the price to see which country is offering the most salary.

Australia No1
Canada No2
Denmark No3
New Zealand No4
Turkey No5
Italy No6
Russia No7
Ukraine No8
France No9
Germany No10

As you can see from this chart, some certain countries have more salaries than the rest, so this will enlighten you about your next decision in carpentry.

Now we shall finish the woodworking salaries all around the globe article and get to the end of the article, shall we?

In the end…

Woodworking is one of the best jobs everyone has; however, we have to pay attention to the monthly salary that these woodworkers gain, which determines the decision of many enthusiasts who want to start the job.

However, in this article, we have listed 10 of the best countries for carpenters, and we hope by the chart and the information that we provided, you can make the best decision in this regard and be successful no matter the nation.


In the end, we are happy that you decided to stay with us until the end of the “Woodworking salary all around the globe” article but make sure to leave all your opinions and questions in the comment section below.

Please tell us what the woodworking salary in your nation is.

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